Seamolec : eExam online for indonesian students

Seamolec or Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Open Learning Centre has make an exam online, this system are for SLTA and SLTP student called eexam. in beta tester we can try and test this system, perhaps you can give feedback to .

eexam-online site :

WHAT IS eExam?

eExam is specially designed for Indonesian Senior High School, Vocational Senior High School and Junior High School students preparing for the Ujian Nasional. It’s a friendly, online preparation for exam which covers 3 of the subject

Please login on the right, either as a student or parent/teacher. We think you will find eExam useful and fun! And we hope that you will subscribe to eExam soon.

in addition you can use chat box to ask and get information directly to seamolec team .

wow . i hope this will work for examination next year . hehe, will be great .

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