Netbeans 6.5 + Jboss 5.0 GA

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Settting up Netbeans 6.5 to work with Jboss 5.0 GA.

Download Netbeans 6.5 from (Download the all singing all dancing version. Download Jboss Server 5.0 GA zip file from

Install Netbeans. Ensure you have the Java JDK 1.6 installed on your machine. I’m mixing dev on a windows and Ubuntu machine.

I will be developing using Visual JSF, Hibernate, EJB3. It will require the Visual JSF libraries for both Woodstock components and Icefaces. (I haven’t perfected the use of both these libraries at once, but it is my intention to do so with minimum fuss). To add these plugins to Netbeans click tools > plugins > Available Plugins. Order by category and go to the Web & Java EE section. Tick and add plugins for Facelets Support, Project Dynamic Faces Ajax Components, Simple JSF/Facelets Snippets, ICEFaces Project Integration, Icefaces Design-Time and Runtime Libraries.

Install all plugins. You will also need to install all current Netbeans updates.

Extract the jboss-5.0 GA zip file to an appropriate location. I choose to install it on the c:\ drive for windows and under /opt/ on my Ubuntu/Linux machines.

In Netbeans go to Tools > Servers > Add Server > Jboss Application Server > Browse for location of your server. Once confirmed, click next. You should see a screen indicating a default domain on host localhost and port 8080. If you are experiencing a problem here you have not upgraded to the netbeans patch 6.5.2. You must update to this patch as it features a vital fix to add Jboss 5.0 GA to your Netbeans IDE. Once done you can start developing cool EJB3 and Visual JSF apps on Netbeans.

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